Living in the Sunshine State pools are a necessary commodity to beat that summertime heat or kick back and let the kids wear themselves out. When we purchase a home with a pool often times we don’t understand the required maintenance or what to do when something isn’t right. You notice the water level gradually decreasing, is it all those cannonball splashes that’s lowering my level?


Before you call the professionals, we have some DIY tips for determining if your pool has a leak. Let’s start with some very obvious indicators your pool is leaking.

  • Check the ground surrounding the pool for any visible standing water
  • Look at your pump, filter, heater, and pipe valves for a leak

Of course, not all leaks are going to be that obvious. As industry experts, we have a few tricks we advise to confirm a true leak that isn’t visible after checking your components.

  • Make sure your pool is calm and grab a pencil or grease pin to mark an indicator line where the pool level currently sits. You can utilize a piece of tape as a marker as well. Our recommendation would be to wait a full 24 hours prior to checking your marker line. If your pool has lost more than ¼ inch of water then you have a leaking pool.

Our favorite leak detection method is the old bucket trick. This is a tried and true method for determining whether or not you have a leaking pool. Here’s how you do it…

  • Place a bucket of water on your pool step and weigh it down with some rocks
  • Mark the water level on the inside and outside of the bucket
  • Make sure that that the waterline inside the bucket is the same as the waterline on the outside of the bucket.
  • Wait a full 24 hours and check the lines
  • If the water level on the outside of the bucket is lower than the line on the inside of the bucket then you have a leak