Unfortunately every year between the months of June and November in Florida we have to keep our eye on tropical development. Last year hurricane Irma devastated the Keys and caused mass damage across the state. We all know the drill with the ordinary hurricane preps, but did you ever consider you pool? 


  • Turn off power: This means everything! Pumps, heater, lights, and anything with a power source. The easiest way to be sure is to cut the main breaker at your electrical panel.
  • Do not empty pool: An empty pool is a dangerous one. Your pool is at risk for popping out of the ground from the pressure of saturated soil from the torrential rains. After the storm has passed the cleanup will be much easier too!
  • Remove any loose items: Any item that has the potential to become a projectile needs to be removed. If the items cannot be stowed, your best option is trying to tie them down. Do not put them in the pool!
  • Protect electrical equipment: Disconnect and remove all electrical devices. If you are unable to do so, find a waterproof material like Ziplock to put over the devices. Use Duct tape or a zip tie to secure in place and protect from rain and debris.
  • Protect safety fence: Protect your assets! Removing your entire safety fence could prove to be quite the chore. Our recommendation is to create ventilation from the high winds. Take one panel down on each side to allow wind to pass through more easily and give your fence a better chance for survival.

We hope these tips will help you and your pool weather the storm! If you suspect any leaks from damage post storm, you know who to call! Be safe Florida.