Electronic Leak Detection

We use specialized electronic audio leak detection equipment to check your entire pool including all suction, pressure lines, skimmer, main drains, and lights. Most leaks we can patch or seal the first time we come out inclusive of our leak detection price we quoted. If there is a problem with a line or any other major repair is needed; we mark the area and provide you with a written quote to do the work with a $100 discount because you did the initial leak test with us. 

Swimming Pool Repairs

The vast majority of leaks can be fixed at no additional charge when we conduct the initial leak test. However, if your leak is under the pool deck we will pin-point the break. Then, we’ll mark the area and give you a written estimate on the cost of the repairs. Because of our experience and advanced equipment, we can usually pinpoint the break to a small area. We’ll make one nice neat opening in the deck to get
to the line. We do not need to tear up your entire deck to get to a broken pipe like many other companies. When we are done we re-test the lines, backfill the opening, and bring the concrete back up flush to the existing deck. Most repairs carry a one-year warranty on the specific area repaired.

home inspection leak detection

Buyer’s Pool Inspection

When purchasing a home with a pool we suggest contacting a leak detection expert to complete a buyer’s inspection on the pool/spa. This service will include electronic leak detection, full surface inspection, and we’ll check the plumbing lines between the pool and equipment. We’ll provide you with a detailed inspection report of the results with photos. Not only will this provide peace of mind, but it may save you thousands in the long run! 

Swimming Pool Plumbing Leak Repair

This is a great example of what tree roots can do to your pool plumbing.  With roots we sometimes find the break right where the root is pushing down on or crushing the line.  Other times the stress is transferred several feet away to a joint that finally cracks like the picture below.  Cracking decks and general settling of the earth around a pool can all contribute to broken plumbing lines.  The advantage of using us to pinpoint a break in your plumbing is that you won’t have large areas of your deck or yard torn up. This is typical through trial and error methods of finding a pool leak.

Pool Crack Repair & Structural Repairs

Don’t let a swimming pool crack go unchecked!

Some cracks may just be superficial in the finish of the pool and don’t leak. However, many will go all the way through the concrete pool shell which can allow water to leak out. Overtime this will compact or wash away the soil supporting the shell. If you are losing water and suspect a structural crack is your problem it needs to be stabilized as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  We have customers who try to put a band-aid on a major problem by applying epoxy or cement to keep it from leaking.  As the pool continues to crack and settle the hardened epoxy simply cracks and leaks through again.  These attempts at patching a structural problem actually add to the cost and time it takes to correctly repair the crack.

Light Niche Replacement

Light Niche Replacements are no small job and can prove to be quite tricky. This type of replacement takes an experienced professional along with some grit and hard work. Florida requires a Certified Pool Contractor to conduct a light niche replacement and our team of qualified technicians are standing by and awaiting your call.

Pool Skimmer Replacement

Pool Skimmer Replacements are one of the most commonly seen occurrences in our
industry. Our experienced team of repair specialists are trained to make these repairs
and get your pool back up and running in most cases the same day! We only use quality material for replacements and ensure your deck is left in pristine condition when we complete the work.

"Mike called & I met him at the house. After having nightmares of digging up the yard, he found the leaks & repaired them in roughly 1.5 hours! Great job!"
Mike S.