Swimming Pool Leak Detection in Sarasota

Florida Leak Locators will come to your home in Sarasota, Florida, and use highly sensitive underwater audio equipment to listen at all the fittings, main drains, lights and other features in your pool and/or spa. This helps our skilled technicians determine where the pool leak or leaks are and how deep they are.

We then do a complete visual inspection of the pool.   After that we check all of the plumbing lines between the equipment and the pool.  If needed we pressure test the lines at no additional charge to pinpoint any problems even if they are under a deck.   We have the equipment to dive the pool in hot or cold weather if needed to check main drains, lights, or floor heads. 
In the majority of pools (close to 90%) we are able to patch or seal the leak while we are there with a minor repair.  If this is the case it is included in your upfront price.  As long as there are no major structural problems or major repairs needed we give a 35 day warranty after we leave that your leak has been fixed.  If your pool needs a major repair such as a broken line, structural crack repair, or skimmer replacement we will give you or your contractor a written detailed quote for the repair.  If you choose to have us do the work we give a $100.00 credit from the leak test and deduct it from the cost of the repair.  Most major repairs carry a one year warranty

We are the leader when it comes to finding swimming pool leaks in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Pinellas County area. Many of the large pool companies and other pool service companies call us when they are stumped and can't find a pool leak.

Proudly serving your Sarasota area, we are the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area leader in Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection and Spa Leak Detection.