The easiest way to verify references is our online reputation! We are extremely proud of our “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.  If you are a member of Angie’s list you can also view our “A” rating with them and access the member reviews of our work. Finally, ask about FLL with your local pool store or pool service. A strong majority of the local area pool stores and service companies have been happily handing out our cards and referring their customers to us for years. They know FLL will find the leak and fix it right!

We find Leaks, We Fix Leaks, That’s All We Do!  There are many other companies who claim to know Pool Leak detection. However, read a little further in their ads and you will see that what they really do are decks, resurfacing, equipment repairs, pavers, slab leaks etc. These companies usually have only the most basic knowledge of what causes pool leaks and how to find and fix them properly. We frequently go to pools that other companies have looked at two or three times prior to us and end up finding and fixing the problem. All of our experienced technicians are provided with the most up to date equipment needed to find any pool leak!

We use special electronic audio leak detection equipment to check your entire pool including all suction and pressure lines, skimmer, main drains, and lights. The majority of leaks are something that we can patch or seal while we are there the first time. If that is the case the repair is included in the up-front leak detection price we quoted. If there is a problem with a line or any other major repair is needed; we mark the area and provide you with a written quote to do the work with a $100 discount because you had the initial leak test with us.

Provided the pool is in normal condition (no major structural or beam cracks or severely separating surface) we give a 60-day guarantee from the date of the initial test.  (Note on Vinyl Liners: We only guarantee our original patches to the liner, not any new holes after our initial leak test.)

#1 – We ask that the pool and/or spa are clean and clear on the day of the test.  Our technicians often have to dive the pool to check main drains and lights and need to be able to see clearly at all areas of the pool. We also ask that the pool is at normal operating level which is usually about half way up your tile or skimmer mouth. 

#2 – We also ask that the water is filled to the normal operating level before we arrive (usually half way up the tile or half way up the skimmer mouth).

You do not need to wait at home for the leak test. Our technician will contact you between 7:30- 8:00 AM the day of your scheduled test. They will notify you of an approximate time they will be there and obtain any additional details on your pool that may help expedite the process. If you are not going to be home you can choose to leave a check or provide us with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card number to have on file. The technician will call you after they are finished to let you know the results of your leak test and what work was completed.

The answer depends on the pool and time of year. The general answer we give in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas is to allow 1/8” to 1/4” a day maximum for normal evaporation. This can change depending on water, air temperature, and humidity. In the spring when we have warmer pools and cold nights we see even higher evaporation rates. In the summer when the humidity is high there is less evaporation. A pool with a lot of running water features such as a spa spill-over, waterfall, or fountains will also evaporate more because of the additional water exposed to the air. The best way to determine if your pool is leaking is to do the bucket test described on the “How Do I Know If have a Swimming Pool Leak?” page.

"Great, reliable company! Communication was continuous and staff very courteous and friendly! My pool was losing 1 inch day, after having a horrible experience with a company contacted with my home warranty plan, FL leak locators were able to fit me in their busy schedule and solve my leak problems. Definitely appreciate their hard work and thorough inspection!!!"
Cristal C.